Beyond branding, strategy and design, I find plenty of other connection opportunities. I love learning new languages and tying it to travel, mentoring young designers and pushing them to be art directors, finding common threads between my experience and someone else's, encouraging others to participate in running and general health and wellness, and making creativity a mandatory activity.

Professional Skills
Graphic Design
Creative Direction
Brand Strategy
Project Management
Client Relations

Print Design
Packaging Design
Web Design
Sound & Video

Adobe Dreamweaver  
Pro Tools

Top Ten Work Traits
1. Results driven
2. Intuitive problem finder/solver
3. Change agent
4. System thinker
5. Risk Taker
6. Pragmatic approach
7. Socially intelligent
8. Always learning
9. Genuine & honest
10. GSD (Gets shit done)

Michelle Facts
1. Cultivator of fun (I'm pretty silly!)
2. Completed four marathons
3. Vegetarian
4. Lover of walking
5. Multi instrument musician
6. Level 3- Rosetta Stone - Italian
7. Like to hang out with cats
8. Asks a ton of questions
9. Green curry expert
10. Always will take time to help out


Strengths Finder Top 5 Traits
1. Input
2. Strategic
3. Achiever
4. Arranger
5. Signifigance

Currently Reading

The Empathy Exams: Essays by Leslie Jamison
Life's A Pitch: How to Sell Yourself and Your Brilliant Ideas by Roger Mavity, Stephen Bayley