Premium Choice Carefree Kitty


Consumers want to purchase the perfect cat litter for their perfect felines; because they love their cats. Let's make the process of selecting cat litter easy and fun, a build a brand around those tenants. Truly "Carefree". Let's invigorate loyal consumers with the new look, as well as solidify the relationship with Premium Choice's number one retail customer so outstanding product can remain on shelfs for years and years. 


Creative lead for all strategic, communication and visual language for the brand


Consumer Research Evaluation
Examined consumer research to solidify a point-of-view and point-of-differentiation for the brand.

Product Naming 
Involved in several client meetings to discuss what the product name could be; determined what the strategic hierarchy between Premium Choice and Carefree Kitty.

Product Line Review 
Involved in several client meetings to determine product assortment given the redefined brand.

Illustration Direction 
Creative director in sourcing, art directing and managing illustration development. The cat's character supported the carefree positioning of the brand and each product had it's own unique cat character.

Website Design & Direction
Developed information architecture, wireframes, and produced key visual elements. Directed the production of the site with Premium Choice's in-house programing team.

Brand Identity 
Designed the new Premium Choice Carefree Kitty identity.

Packaging Design 
Designed the packaging layout, communication hierarchy, and over-all design aesthetic; both front and back of package across all SKUs. The designs are driven by the carefree brand positioning; a fun and easy-to-shop packaging system that drives repeat purchases while leveraging the old packages color coding to retain customer loyalty.

Communication Hierarchy
Created a communication methodology that informed how the brand speaks directly to both the cat owner and the cat(s). The product benefits and features are broken into "for cat owners who" and "for cats who", making it easy to find the perfect match for both the cat owner's and cat's needs.

Merchandising & Sales Support
Developed sales materials and in-store merchandising, which helped to solidify the relationship between the customer.


Protected Premium Choice's relationship with their #1 retailer.

Easy to shop for on-shelf.

Loyal consumers remained loyal.

A consistent brand language strengthened consumers connection to the brand.